300k Views For AR Dinosaur

“Commissioned for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, this video quickly became the talk of the event on Twitter and YouTube”
Ben White, Epson Marcomms Associate

To date this video for Epson, promoting their augmented reality glasses, has scored 300,000 + YouTube hits.

Aimed at a sophisticated B2B audience, we wanted viewers of this film to feel they are experiencing the future, while knowing Epson’s augmented reality Moverio glasses are available in the present day. We ramped up the visual style and design to produce a truly aspirational piece – lifestyle in feel, but cinematic in colour and tone.  Three Apps are integrated that share common design principles – bright, colourful design, and clear typography. The film ends in a museum where a dinosaur comes to life – filmed in one of the studios here at our base, the historic Ladbroke Hall.

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