This Is My Truth In Photography

Isabel Muñoz
Marco Grob
Charlie Waite
Stefano Unterthiner
David Brenot
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We were delighted to have the opportunity to produce ‘This Is My Truth’, a series of short films commissioned by Epson that looks through the eyes of some of the world’s top photographers to discover how they capture and communicate truth through their powerful images.

The series includes Spanish photographer Isabel Muñoz. Known for her in-depth studies of the human form, Muñoz’s black and white platinum prints have become iconic around the world. 

In a candid interview, Muñoz shares the creative inspirations and unique stories behind some of her most celebrated works. Taking us behind the scenes at her studio, we see the techniques and materials she employs to create her striking works.

Rollo describes working with Isabel as “honestly a real inspiration and privilege. It’s not often that a shoot is both fun but also so inspirational. It’s changed the way I view my work and hopefully does the same for those that watch it.”

Our team flew to New York to film with award-winning photographer Marco Grob, who has photographed some of the most famous people in the world in his distinctive style. Subjects have ranged from Barack Obama and Bill Clinton to Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney. Grob’s work regularly appears in major international magazines and newspapers such as TIME, Vogue, Esquire and Wired.

Head of PR & Communications, Mary McNulty says: “Epson works with many talented photographers and we want to share their insights.  They hail from across the European region and cover many different photographic genres.  Marco Grob is well known for his distinctive portraits of celebrities; Stefano Unterthiner specialises in wildlife, with the aim of bringing man closer to nature.”

Citizen Films Creative Director Rollo Hollins made the creative decision to shoot the campaign on a mixture of 8mm and 16mm. Explaining the idea behind this approach, Hollins says: “Over and above the obvious link with the photographic process, I wanted to draw the viewer into the subjects’ worlds beyond the expected, and to surprise them with another texture. For me, film feels permanent and lasting – whilst being heavily linked to memory – which hopefully all adds to a sense of truth.”



Executive Producer: Gretchen Shoring
Producer: Zoe Waller
 Rollo Hollins
DoP: Shaun Harley Lee
Colourist: Jack Kibbey Newman
Sound Design: 
Jason Peacock