Orient Watches

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The Orient watch brand offers aspirational, beautiful and superior watch making. Outstanding quality, and captivating features, that stand the test of time.

All of this needed to be reflected in the quality of the video and photography for their new campaign. A powerful, confident commercial aesthetic sweeps from stunning lighting passes over crisp watch details, through a journey of stunning interior and exterior lifestyle locations.

Our film and photography teams worked back to back on a single day at one location, swapping sets to keep the day to a minimum. Shot in the UK, but planned and managed – through a clever use of location, stock and existing assets – to feel global in vision.

The project was delivered under the specific and consistent eye of our Creative Director, Rollo Hollins, to maintain quality, style and creative consistency across all aspects of the production.

Our Photographer Tim Cole worked as a Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi with some of the most imaginative and technically brilliant people within the creative community. This experience shaped the way he works as a Photographer today. Tim has a fantastic eye, coupled with an understanding of client needs that make him a joy to work with on set.