Working with brands and agencies over the years, here at Citizen we’ve found that the video briefs we receive can vary greatly – and this can have implications on the finished product. In an online space where brands are constantly competing for attention, it’s important to recognise that the better the video, the better the response you’ll get from your target audience.  High quality content drives meaningful brand awareness, adds value and authority, return on investment in terms of sales conversion, and creates cut through for your brand. More than ever, it’s important to get it right.

From the point of view of the overstretched Marketing Exec, it may not be immediately obvious why providing a clear brief is so important. Let’s explore why.  At Citizen, when we get a brief from a client, it becomes an internal brief for our creative team to brainstorm, our Producers to analyse in terms of the costs, and for us to come up with a delivery plan and strategy.  If the brief isn’t correct from the outset, there’s inevitably more back and forth, and you may not see the return you want within the time you want.  And that makes life difficult, if you’re up against a hard campaign deadline.

But never fear.  Even if your brief is not completely formulated, if you choose the right production team they will have the experience to help you get there.  To assist with this, we’ve put together some insights on what to bear in mind when looking for a video production company:

  • Choose your producers wisely. Look for a team that answers all of your questions, asks you the right questions, and anticipates what you need without being asked.
  • You should be looking not just for good production know-how, but also for editorial and creative know-how. Do they properly understand the messaging that’s driving your brief?
  • Make sure they’re a team you can trust to get on with the job and deliver on time and budget. How geared up are they to turn your job around fast while also honest in advising you on allowing enough time to do it well?
  • You want a team that handles your needs well, and offers clarity and transparency in terms of costs and production procedures. We see huge benefits in terms of educating clients about good practice, ranges of cost and how that impacts on the results. It’s not always wise to seek the lowest cost production team. It’s about getting the best results you can for your budget.


Once you have an accurate brief in place, that’s fully understood by all sides, everyone involved in the production will be able to allocate the resources, discuss and devise a storyline, and bring together the various elements needed to create your content so that it achieves the right objectives and gets the results you need. Please get in touch if you would like to talk this through further.

With best wishes,
Team Citizen
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