It’s A Kind Of Magic

School room

Care home

Small business

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Our latest trio of films for tech giant Epson mixes colour printing precision with a touch of magic. Based on the Epson Advantage Inkjet’s ability to save customers time and money, in these films we deliver a positive emotional connection without the hard sell that is sometimes part and parcel of this kind of commercial.

School room
In this film, saving time and money can mean extra resources for a school. A schoolboy watches as the classroom printer comes to life and shoots out photos of a new teacher. We magically transformed the print outs into a real life teacher using super-cool visual effects.

Care home
A stressed care worker is too busy to sit and chat to her patients until her printer comes to life and magically prints out a tray of tea and biscuits – reminding her to spend important time chatting and sharing a cuppa with the elderly lady she is caring for. Time well spent!

Small business
We follow a businessman as he makes every effort to be energy efficient. The printer’s environmentally friendly credentials mean he can save time, help keep the planet clean and save enough money to pay for electric bikes for his co-workers.

Our visual effects team came up with something pretty stunning – an electric bike magically transforms from print-out to the real thing and our businessman rides into the sunset knowing he has done his bit to help the planet.


Client: Epson
Creative: Founded PR
Executive Producer: Gretchen Shoring
Producer: Zoe Waller
 Rollo Hollins
DoP: Charlie Herranz
Art Direction: Fainche McArdle
Stylist: Tess Gomm
Editors:  Hazel Bailie
Visual Effects: Tom Hamilton
Colourist: Toby Tomkins @ Cheat
Sound Design: Karl Mainzer