Alchemist Copenhagen

Alchemist Copenhagen2020-03-06T11:17:12+00:00

We were recently asked to film at one of the world’s most exclusive and spectacular restaurants – Alchemist in Copenhagen, a new holistic fine dining space featuring an outstanding audio-visual installation, powered by Epson projectors.

Chef Rasmus Munk has created an immersive dining experience where guests are transported through each course by means of taste, imagery, performance and sound.

The week the film was released, Alchemist was awarded 2 Michelin stars. Yet Rasmus’ desire is to create something that is much more than fine dining – to provide a transformative experience that aims to permanently change each guest. He sees Alchemist as a unique opportunity to tell stories about our society, our consumption and our future, such as the image of plastic bags floating amongst jellyfish. This activism is unlike anything else seen in the culinary world.

Exceptional quality drives every aspect of the Alchemist experience, highlighted by the effort taken to create the unique projection dome in the main dining area, a huge technical challenge that has been supported by Epson technologies.

Epson released the film at ISE 2020 – the world’s largest AV and systems integration show. It’s not a typical case study film; shot in a cinematic, intimate style that gives a rare glimpse into the Alchemist and its creator, it’s also an exploration of how the technology behind Epson installation projectors has helped to create the world’s most exciting and individual dining experience.

Director & Stills Photographer: Rollo Hollins
DP: Alfred Thirolle
Colourist: Vlad Barin at Cheat
Sound Designer: Karl Mainzer