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Welcome Home
Day In The Life Of Clarion
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When we were asked by Clarion Housing Group to make two films that encapsulate their organisation and beliefs, we found it incredibly easy to be inspired by their work.

Welcome Home
From Bradford to Braintree, Watford to Walsall, Clarion builds homes and develops futures. Clarion is a social landlord – building affordable homes for people whose needs are not being met by the housing market. And they’re proud of their work supporting communities – through their charitable foundation, they guide young people towards a better start in life. They help residents into work or training, manage their finances, or get online.

Day In The Life Of Clarion
In this film, we follow staff doing a range of jobs who share one thing – an absolute passion and commitment to Clarion. These are people with personality – and as we follow them at work, we draw out their pride, integrity and professionalism, which 100% reflect the values and culture of the organisation they work for. At Clarion, they think everyone deserves to live in a good quality home; to put down roots and become part of a community.

Shot in a slick, documentary style, this film is framed by a typical day in the life of Clarion Spanning a full working day, from starting work in the morning to shutting down at the end of the day, a sense of honest storytelling and high production values are conveyed. Delivering a stylish account of a business that comes across as highly credible and aspirational – a world class organisation.

“Citizen Films very quickly got to grips with our business and what we stand for, using their expertise to propose a concept that would convey this just as we wanted to. As the client, we were included every step of the way and of the end product are fantastic videos that effectively depict Clarion’s strength, scale and commitment to its social purpose.”

Lucy Pond – Communications Manager, Clarion Housing Group


Producer: Gretchen Shoring
Director: Sunny Bahia & Rollo Hollins
DoP: Andrew Mickelburgh
Sound Recordist:  Ashley Jamieson
Aerial filming:  Flying Camera Company
Editors: Vasco Teixeira & Tristram Edwards
Graphics:  Tom Hamilton
Grading & sound mix:  Encore Post