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Alfie was born with chronic granulomatous disorder (CGD), a rare genetic blood condition that stops his immune system working properly, causing him repeated bouts of serious infection often resulting in pneumonia and abscesses of the skin, tissues and organs. At the request of the Jeans for Genes campaign and the CGD Society, our team filmed with him over a six month period at home and throughout the difficult bone marrow transplant process at University College Hospital, London. He has since made a good recovery and is now cured of his genetic disorder.

Ashley’s story is one of the films we make each year for the Jeans for Genes campaign.  Each film is authored by a young person with a genetic disorder – in Ashley’s case, Treacher Collins Syndrome.  Shown in schools around the UK, these films get 10,000s of hits, and it’s work we’re really proud of.

Imagine having to spend an hour and a half every morning taking medicine to keep you healthy. Ryan conscientiously chooses activities that help to alleviate his symptoms and prolong his life, from playing football to playing the trumpet. This educational film for Jeans for Genes shows the precautions Ryan has to take to keep his Cystic Fibrosis under control.

Luke’s Mum has Huntington’s Disease and he has a 50% chance of inheriting it from her. Will he decide to take a test when he reaches 18 to find out if he has the faulty gene? This film for the Jeans for Genes campaign explores what it’s like for him to be grappling with such complex decisions and what impact his mum’s condition has on his life.