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For our films for Action Against Hunger’s high profile annual fundraising gala events, our team had the pleasure of filming with Chef Jason Atherton, Olympic gold medallist Sophie Hosking and Tom Parker Bowles.

As a Father as well as a Chef, Jason Atherton knows how important nutrition is when you’re bringing up children. And when food is in dire shortage, it’s always babies and children who suffer first.

Writer and food critic Tom Parker Bowles understands that it is the youngest children that are most vulnerable to hunger when food is scarce. Tom is an avid supporter of Action Against Hunger because the charity saves the lives of malnourished children and provides long term solutions to families.

Olympic rower Sophie Hosking knows better than anyone how important it is to eat plenty, and to eat well, right from early childhood. And yet today, 3.5 million children under five still die every year from malnutrition.

“It’s a pleasure working with Citizen Films. Their team is always extremely professional, friendly and innovative. From concept to development, to planning, script writing and final implementation, Citizen Films are fantastic.”

Christine Kahmann, Action Against Hunger

Copyright note: all footage and photography from Kenya in the Jason Atherton appeal is by Samuel Hauenstein Swan, and is included on our website with his kind permission. More of his work can be seen at